Lemon Juice For Skin Pigmentation – Natural Bleaching

When it comes to dark spots and uneven pigmentation, many people resort to natural remedies first. One of the most popular home treatments is lemon juice for skin pigmentation. Aside from being very accessible, lemon is also an anti-bacterial agent. Here are some of the ways by which lemon can solve pigmentation problems.

Lemon is quite effective at producing an even skin tone. Some of the skin conditions that can be treated effectively using this all-natural solution are the following: freckles, melasma, old scarring, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (scarring due to severe acne). The reason why lemon is effective in making skin tone more even is its bleaching effect. Lemon has long been recognized for its ability to lighten the color of hair, it is also widely recognized for its skin whitening effects.

  • How to use lemon juice for skin pigmentation.

1. The most straightforward method is to apply lemon directly. The application must be done for five to ten minutes at a time. After application, the skin must be rinsed off with warm water.
2.Another method that may be used is to apply fresh juice. After squeezing the lemon fruit, the contents must be placed in a container and directly applied to the skin using a cotton ball or cotton pad. As in the first method, the area must afterwards be washed with warm water.
3. Instead of using lemon juice only, the juices of fruits such as grapefruit and lime can be combined and applied in the same manner.

There is a chance that your skin will become irritated when lemon is applied to it for the first time. There may be an allergic reaction because lemon is very acidic. Therefore, before applying copious amounts of lemon juice, try a small amount and observe first how your skin will react. If you see no adverse reaction and if your skin can cope well enough, then continue with the methods presented above. Still, don’t use it excessively at it many cause irritation with continued use.

  • What if your skin is sensitive to pure lemon juice?

1. You can mix in natural yogurt with pure lemon juice. Yogurt can help calm the skin’s response and even has a lightening effect of its own.
2. Pure lemon juice may also be mixed with almond oil, coconut oil, or other natural oils. Since lemon has a dehydrating effect, these additional ingredients will serve as soothing agent to balance it all out.

  • How to make your own face mask.

Prepare a cup of oatmeal (cooked) and natural yogurt. Mix together with a couple of tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Once mixed together, apply on your face and leave it there for about half an hour. Once the time period is over, remove the mask using warm water and then apply creams that are aloe-based or those that contain natural moisturizers.

Lemon juice for pigmentation is a good natural solution, but nothing will happen overnight. You might have to wait for a month or two before you see any results.