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How To Use Licorice For Hyperpigmentation

There is always a demand for natural solutions to skin problems. For this reason, manufacturers are continuing to sponsor studies that dig deeper into the potential medicinal use of the food that we use every day.

One such plant is licorice. This is a South European native, although some parts of Asia are also known to be natural sources of the licorice plant. Western countries are familiar with licorice because it is used in making flavored drinks and sweets. In Asian countries, the licorice plant is a popular medicinal plant and also used in cooking. Licorice is a natural cure for coughs, viral diseases, and problems of the digestive system. In Japan, the plant is used in hepatitis treatment, while in China, the licorice plant is touted as a cure for tuberculosis.

Traditionally, there is a way to increase the potency of the medicinal properties of the licorice plant. When the root is boiled and an extract is made, the resulting product is made into powder or syrup form and used as treatment for various ailments.

  • What’s in licorice?

Licorice extract contains Glabridin in trace amounts. This component is the one with a skin-lightening effect. Glabridinhas been proven to be quite effective in stopping the process that leads to the formation of dark skin spots. Despite its potency it is not harmful to regular skin cells. Aside from its Glabridin content, licorice extract is also an anti-inflammatory agent.

  • How to use licorice for hyperpigmentation.

Licorice extract of high quality is not easy to come by. This is unfortunate because licorice is highly valued in traditional medicine. Since the pure extract is not readily available, people have to make do with pigmentation cream treatments that contain high amounts of licorice extract.

For those who want to use licorice as a remedy which they can apply at home, search online for stores and retail outlets the sell good quality licorice extract. There are organic brands that may be found at health stores.

When pure licorice extract is available, this is how it can be used. Mix a small amount of the powder in distilled water. It’s best to start with a small amount because it’s a powerful astringent. Soak a cloth or compress into the licorice and water mixture and apply it to the area. After the first application on skin, check for any adverse skin reactions before continuing the application. This method must be done twice daily for ten minutes.

If you use licorice for hyperpigmentation, remember it’s just one of a number of home remedies that are good for treating areas of darker skin.